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2023 Auto Shows

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Any chance Chevy brings out the Equinox for either DC. auto show January 20th through 29th or the Baltimore Auto Show - March 10th through 12th?

If the 2RS goes live in the fall of 2023 - surely the buying public will want to see it in advance. Question is will it have to be at a Chevy dealership over the summer or at Auto shows early next year.
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Peterd15 will be attending the LA show tomorrow and we may find something out. I will be going to the Toronto AutomShowmin February if I can confirm there will a model to see there.

I agree they should be showing something soon, or at least announcing that it will be at some future show.
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Canadian International Auto Show (Toronto). I likely will attend.
Feb 17-26
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Ford will not participate In any Canadian Auto Shows in 2023.

The attached article is self explanatory, but I personally believe is that Ford was embarrassed by GM and other car companies EV’s and that the show demonstrated that they were behind the EV curve. I am not Ford biased, as I have purchased far more Fords than GM vehicles.

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