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2024 Buck Envista (ICE) is Coming to North America

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During GM Investor Day GM President Mark Reuss has confirmed that the Buick Envista will be coming to North America as well as for China.

GM has confirmed that the Buick Envista will indeed make it to the U.S., per recent statements made by GM President Mark Reuss.

During the GM Investor Day event held on November 17th, Reuss addressed a variety of future GM product plans, including the arrival of the new Buick Envista crossover.

“[The Buick Envista is] already in production in China, off the design of the Buick Wildcat,” Reuss said, referencing the Buick Wildcat EV concept that debuted over the summer. Although the Wildcat concept is framed as an all-electric vehicle, the design elements it presents will provide inspiration for both Buick EVs and Buick ICE-powered vehicles.

“Getting ready for the U.S. here as well, just a beautiful addition to the Buick lineup,” Reuss added, confirming that the Buick Envista will indeed be sold in North America.

Back in October, GM Authority exclusively reported that the Buick Envista was under consideration for the North American market. Now, these new statements from GM President Reuss confirm that the crossover will indeed make the jump.
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So, not an EV...

Envista is motivated by a turbocharged 1.5L I4 gasoline engine rated at 181 horsepower, which feeds a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).
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