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2024 Chevy Equinox EV 3RS Photos

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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Plant

Here are the photos that Chevrolet released for the Equinox EV 3RS.

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Car
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle
Vehicle Speedometer Car Gear shift Motor vehicle
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design
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Really liking this over the Blazer EV. I wonder why Blazer EV doesn't have a floating center console like this one.
Not really a fan of the Riptide Blue and white roof combo, sorry; I really like it in white with a black roof and red seats as shown above. The CBS photos show the wheels in silver while Chevy's official photos show the 3 RS w/ blk wheels. I guess you can choose which you like or is it the 3LT trim?
White with the black roof does look sharp. I’m torn between the blue/white and the white/black combo. I can’t wait till this vehicle is in production.
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