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Buick Envista Spotted in Red

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A Red Buick Envista prototype was spotted in Detroit.
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No charge port, no interest.
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I must be getting old. I'm finding a Buick nice ;).
Not too old, or you'd be looking at a Cadillac instead... I think Buick and Cadillac are both trying to lower the age demographic the cars are aimed at. The Buick commercials I see are often younger women, Cadillac some businessy looking guy at a several million dollar modern home.
Not sure if it's this way as much as it was in the past, but you were supposed to buy a Chevy, then move up to a Pontiac, then Oldsmobile, then Buick and finally a Cadillac when you "made it".

I have failed to follow that path... My wife and I are pretty thrifty, avoid debt . Could I afford a Cadillac (cash), yes but the extra $$ serve me better elsewhere. YMMV
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