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Buick Envista Spotted in Red

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A Red Buick Envista prototype was spotted in Detroit.
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Not too old, or you'd be looking at a Cadillac instead... I think Buick and Cadillac are both trying to lower the age demographic the cars are aimed at. The Buick commercials I see are often younger women, Cadillac some businessy looking guy at a several million dollar modern home.
Funny thing, the average age of Cadillac and Buick buyers in China are in their early 30s.
Not sure if it's this way as much as it was in the past, but you were supposed to buy a Chevy, then move up to a Pontiac, then Oldsmobile, then Buick and finally a Cadillac when you "made it".

I have failed to follow that path... My wife and I are pretty thrifty, avoid debt . Could I afford a Cadillac (cash), yes but the extra $$ serve me better elsewhere. YMMV
Chevy and Pontiac were always 2 sides of the same coin... always jockeying for development money and one upping each other.... Times when Pontiac were denied programs because it would have mooched buyers from Chevy and vice versa. Pontiac could be said to be the more well appointed Chevy but other times Pontiac couldn't get more powerful cars than Chevy as that was Chevy's thing.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts