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Equinox production numbers.

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I'm curious I was at my local Hyundai dealer today, test drove ionic 6. Talking to the sales rep. He said they were allocated 4 for first go around. Does anyone think GM's production levels would be higher then Hyundai. Just trying to get more of a feel if I can expect more or less allocations at my local chevy dealer. Oh here was the ionic 6 I drove .
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Four Hyundai's? That cover just two car buyers. They'll need to buy two. One to replace the one that's stolen...

"Hyundai and Kia thefts keep rising despite security fix
Nearly three months ago, Hyundai and Kia unveiled software that was designed to thwart an epidemic of thefts of their vehicles, caused by a security flaw that was exposed on TikTok and other social media sites, So far, it hasn’t solved the problem. Across the country, thieves are still driving off with the vehicles at an alarming rate."

Ditto Kia.

I suspect Chevy dealers that sell more Chevy's (especially those that sold Volt, Bolt) will get a higher allocation. What that number is is unknown outside GM executive offices.
Lol thankfully my area crime isn't crazy like other cities, it does exist but not as bad. And I hope we get more then 4 as I'm #6. I'm sure the 2rs will be low maybe none.
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