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Gamble with deposits on multiple EVs?

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What EVs do you guys also have money down on?
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I have the one deposit # 6 in line for the Equinox at dealer but thinking of putting a deposit on another just in case. As of right now it would be the id4 awd pro .
I presently don't have a deposit after I heard that stealerships have ignored deposit holders.
My wife and I both shopping. My preference is for an EV, she's OK with an EV or PHEV. I've already requested a refund of my deposit on a Solterra and am likely to ask for a refund soon on others, especially since the price of the base Tesla Model 3 has dropped below threshold for Canada's EV subsidies and my wife likes it more than all PHEVs below.

Equinox EV (most likely)
Hyundai Ioniq 6 (plan B)
Fisker PEAR (eventual 2nd car if Fisker not bankrupt?)
Kia Sportage PHEV (refund soon?)
Hyundai Tucson PHEV (refund soon?)
Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV (refund soon?)
Dodge Hornet PHEV (refund soon?)
Subaru Solterra (deposit refunded)

It's not about picking the first one that arrives. It's about having to reserve 9 months to 3 years ahead for a car who'se price is unknown and is impossible to test drive. My wife dislikes her current car because of poor visibility - it's not a mistake we plan to repeat. As time passes, if a model is not suitable (like the overpriced Solterra with poor charging), we'll ask for a refund of our placeholder.
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