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The joint research development agreement focused on the potential use of OneD's silicon nanotechnology in GM's Ultium battery cells to drive significant increases in energy density for longer range and reduced cost. GM Ventures and Volta Energy Technologies also participated in OneD's Series C funding round, which the company recently closed at $25 million.

The focus of the collaboration is OneD's SINANODE platform, which adds more silicon onto the anode battery cells by fusing silicon nanowires into EV-grade graphite. Silicon can store 10 times more energy than graphite. Increasing energy density can open the door to smaller, lighter, more efficient battery packs that could achieve higher driving range at lower cost.

“We believe that the winners of the EV race will be those who can effectively add more silicon to the battery cell, in a way that doesn’t disrupt existing supply chains and processes,” Vincent Pluvinage, CEO of OneD Battery Sciences, said in a statement.

Fifteen years of OneD research and development has led to a portfolio of more than 240 granted patents. This enables OneD's business model to center on licensing the SINANODE technology to industrial partners and scale manufacturing faster and at a lower cost. Given a licensing business model and low operational costs, Series C funds will be used to continue SINANODE research and development, while advancing pilot production and providing OEMs and battery manufacturers a seamless integration into the manufacturing of EV batteries via licensed manufacturing partners.

The automaker also operates its own R&D center and is about to wrap up construction of its new Wallace Battery Cell Innovation Center, both of which are located at the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. GM researchers are working on technologies like lithium-metal, silicon and solid-state batteries at the R&D center. The aim is to move the best battery technologies, which researchers have proven can be scaled, over to the Wallace center.
Silicon-based battery technology ‘breakthrough that improves performance and decreases costs’
GM partners with and invests in OneD Battery Sciences in quest for cheap, energy-dense EV batteries
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