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GM and LGES had agreed on having four factories to make Ultium cells. One is up and running, two are already moving forward and the 4th was said to be slated for Indiana. Now it appears the 4th plant will not be happening, GM's EV strategy is based on four plants, not three. So GM may be/is seeking a new partner for the 4th plant.

Apparently LG wanted to slow down the pace while GM is committed to produce 400,000 EVs by mid-2024 and 1 million by 2030. It can't do that with three plants plus an unknown date for the 4th.

Of course this leads to questions about who can use the Ultium name, the Ultium design, the Ultium manufacturing process.

The 4th plant schedule was not the only disagreement, another was the unionizing strategy. LG wanted and did slow-walk the process as much as possible by forcing a vote rather than the quicker card check process that GM favored. The result was the union won anyway but production ramp-up was delayed, the effect of which we are seeing in fewer EV quantities available.

So, a big bump in the road ahead, but an opportunity for another battery partner to step in. Who would that be? Panasonic? Someone else?

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