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GM is expecting their Ultifi software will bring them a lot of money over the next few years. They're expecting that by 2030 it will bring $20-$25 billion in updates and subscription services.

GM is hoping to generate massive profit by offering various software-as-a-service products in its vehicles going forward, which will be delivered to customers through its connected Ultifi software platform. The automaker provided a clearer picture of its SaaS strategy in its Q2 2022 earnings report, outlining plans for Ultifi and its various paid connected features to generate up to $25 billion in revenue annually by as early as 2030.

Ultifi is an in-vehicle software platform that’s being rolled out to certain GM internal combustion engine models and EVs for the 2024 model year. The software will support various paid GM vehicle apps and features and will also support apps from third-party developers and companies. While certain Ultifi apps will be offered by GM, such as paid vehicle comfort and convenience features, the automaker will have a revenue-sharing model for paid apps developed by outside companies.
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