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One of the options for some of the Equinox EV’s is the HUD (Heads Up Display)

Does anyone have first hand experience with HUD and if so did you find it useful or more of a gimmick? Did you use it much?

It depends on the manufacturer. I worked at Mazda. They have one that projects the next turn you need to take, the speed limit on the road, and the speed of the vehicle. That, is actually a very nice system, because your eyes are never off the road.

I've also seen older Mazda ones that had only the current vehicle's speed... That, I find pretty useless.

So it could be a total gimmick, or a great add-on, depends on how it's implemented. My guess is that it will be a pretty "smart" HUD, because it's an EV, and people expect high-tech to be top of the line.
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