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Are you concerned about LG batteries and "made in Mexico"?

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Also, anyone concerned they are still using LG batteries? (even though they're different technology than the ones that catch fire).
No, zero concern.

The pack in my 11+ year old Volt using LG batteries. Different technology. There have been no cases I know of of those batteries having a problem. Yes, there was a fire in a 2010 crash test car that was stored upside down in a junk yard and had not been properly disabled. Coolant leaked, and 30 days later, woomf! GM recalled all the Volts, installed extra crash protection and a battery coolant level sensor. If they had not, I would have had 30 days to crawl out of a wrecked, upside down Volt before worst case happened, lol.

I also own a 2017 Bolt EV that was subject to a battery safety recall. I now have a new battery, new software and a new warranty plus my range went up considerably to 300-330 miles. As you point out, apples and oranges.

My experience with GM's safety recalls has been very positive. That's why I'm looking at getting another GM EV, an Equinox EV.
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