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Are you concerned about LG batteries and "made in Mexico"?

Made in Mexico with LG batteries.

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Anybody else is concerned about the fact that all of Chevy's EVs will be made in Mexico? Most manufacturers that did that had their quality go down.

Also, anyone concerned they are still using LG batteries? (even though they're different technology than the ones that catch fire).

I really like the price and spece, but worried about these 2 issues.
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No for both.

LG battery issue was with manufacturing. I'm sure they learned from their mistakes and upped their quality. This could be beneficial.

A lot of cars are built in Mexico and are great in quality. Most car assembly is now automated; quality control and design is what matters the most and that depends on investment, not country of origin. For example, Mach-E is built in Mexico and has much better quality than cars built in Fremont by Tesla.

Oh, yeah...But beating Tesla is a very low bar to cross. I'm the kind of person who likes to keep cars for 10-15 years...So I want to make sure it will make it. I like the Ultium platform, since if one cell goes kaput, I just replace one out of the 8 or 10 modules (depends which range I pick), and don't need to buy/install a new $15K battery. I was always a Toyota/Honda fan and steered away from GM because of reliability, But EVs are supposed to be different...All they share with ICE is the suspension and the unsprung components, which was never a problem with GM.

13K CAD rebate in Canada for EVs...So if I get it for 52K CAD (37.5K USD), it will drop to 39K CAD (28K USD), which will make it cheaper than the mid-trim of the ICE Equinox.
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