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Toyota Compact Cruiser likely for production

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It looks like Toyota is putting the ‘Compact Cruiser’ into production
by Anton Andres | 5 days ago

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV leaked

Back in 2021, Toyota showed a range of concepts that will eventually become its EV lineup. Among these was a small crossover (or SUV) inspired by the classic J40 Series Land Cruiser. Toyota has been quiet about that particular concept, but there has been an interesting development recently.
It seems that patent photos of the production version have leaked out, and internet forums have been talking about it. The EV crossover SUV still has no name at the moment, but some forums have been calling it the ‘Compact Cruiser’, based on what it was called as a concept.

There aren’t many details surrounding it at the time of writing. Aside from having no official production name, there is still no set launch year for this model. However, based on the concept, this model will be larger than a Yaris Cross but shorter than a Corolla Cross. It is also certain that it will utilize one of Toyota’s upcoming EV platforms and there is a chance it will use a shortened version of the BZ4X chassis.

As mentioned, Toyota will have several electric vehicles coming this decade. Aside from the Compact Cruiser, there will also be an electric version of the Hilux (similar to 4 Runner as a pickup for non-N.America markets) down the line, as well as the electric successor of the Lexus LFA.
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miles/kWh will be atrocious. It’s cute. But it appears to have similar body - squared-off (non) aero features of the Hummer SUV. My wife had a CJ Cruiser, which had similar features. Fun and a gas-burner. She wisely traded it for an Outback.
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