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Regarding the ID.3, without details on it and the Equinox EV, it's hard to say. We don't even know what the ID.3 will look like other than some artists impression. So maybe a competitor, the devil is in the details. But I too am concerned about long term ownership costs related to the battery pack. At least I know the Equinox EV will be technically able to get new battery bricks 10 years or 12 years down the road. And that GM is touting that as one of the Ultium benefits/capabilities.

They are actually doing a buyout, which makes it sound like they don't have neither liquidity nor timing issues.
I agree, Maybe. They project the employment buyouts will cost $1.5 billion. That seems like more money than it would cost to simply shovel people over a cliff like other companies have done.

Many companies are doing some belt tightening by simply booting people out the door. GM is at least being humane, offering a lump sum payment and other severance based on how long the person worked at the company. Compare that with the actions of the CEO running a major media company...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts