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Many companies are doing some belt tightening by simply booting people out the door. GM is at least being humane, offering a lump sum payment and other severance based on how long the person worked at the company. Compare that with the actions of the CEO running a major media company...
Big Company Culture (that is, the things that are common across all large organizations) would suggest that there's going to be a fair number of people that Will Not Work On EVs for whatever their personal reason is. And their opinions aren't helpful for an organization this big that's trying to shift direction this far in less than a working lifespan of an employee. Offering the buyouts, even if somewhat expensive, is a good way to prune that rot away, before (eventually) having to fire them for "culture fit" reasons or make up a bullshit "layoff". Saves lawsuits when the company can simply point to the prior offer and say "You could have left then..."
1 - 1 of 9 Posts