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What's worse is that the CyberTruck can't flat load 4x8 plywood sheets. The bed is 6 feet long. In addition, the latest prototype has no cargo pass through. So other than Tesla fanbois I suspect people will be going with the Rivian, F-150 Lightning, and Silverado EVs. Now if Tesla solves the towing range issue then I can see the CyberTruck selling well to those who tow a lot.
Back thousand years ago in 2019, there was SUPPOSED TO BE some sort of flip-up lip or bracket on the inside of the open gate to accomodate 8-foot lumber, which turned a 6.5 foot bed into an 8 foot bed. I haven't heard that that's stuck around at all.

There's still minivans (Grand Caravan, Pacifica) that'll hold plywood sheets, though. If the plugin Pacifica didn't cost $50k, I'd be still looking that... :)
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