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What is your biggest Concern w/ Equinox EV?

  • A) Battery Durability

    Votes: 5 12.2%
  • B) Electronics failing (i.e. Display screen going blank when driving)

    Votes: 3 7.3%
  • C) Build Quality/Reliability

    Votes: 10 24.4%
  • D) Price/Availability

    Votes: 30 73.2%
  • E) Insurance

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • F) Fires

    Votes: 2 4.9%
  • G) No Concerns

    Votes: 5 12.2%
  • H) Overall comfort-Height/Legroom/Cargo-space

    Votes: 4 9.8%

What is your biggest Concern w/ Equinox EV?

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Price is somewhat of a concern - if the Equinox trims I like are too expensive, I'm not in a hurry and will buy something else. Most likely reason I wouldn't buy it is fit.

My kids and I are tall and my son has not finished growing. We don't yet know how much headroom and legroom there is in the Equinox EV. My wife dislikes the visibility of her current car and we won't know if seating comfort and visibility are OK until a test drive.

The Equinox EV is, by Montreal standards, not really a "compact" SUV - it's less than 2 inches shorter than the ICE Blazer. A shorter, higher vehicle could have comparable interior space and be more practical in the city. If the new Volvo EX30 (sub-compact by US standards) being launched in June has enough legroom & headroom, we might prefer it.
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In Canada, the Volvo C40 and XC40 Recharge base models are, before transport & prep, $60K (about $45K US). The EX30 is expected to be a bit less expensive. Being built in China has no impact on Canadian EV subsidies. In the US, @Evan1 is correct, they'll probably mostly be leased.
I'm very much a price and availability creature. If I can't buy it, for whatever reason, it's basically imaginary.
Indeed. There is a lot of excitement about vapourware EVs. Until they're more available, one could argue that the Hummer and Lyriq are also vapourware.
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Why would you refer to Hummer and Lyriq as vapourware? Haven't they increased production?
I'm exaggerating. These models actually exist and aren't technically vapourware.

That said, for the Lyriq, they've indeed built thousands, but how many have actually been delivered? A few hundred? A local Cadillac dealer tells me he's has zero delivered and that an order today is not likely to be filled in less than 3 years! As for the Hummer, I understand they never intended to sell large numbers, but since its launch in late 2021, GM has built less than 1,000!
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Now that the Bolt will be killed what will the Orin Township factory be used for? Maybe use some of the factory for another Lyriq line to speed orders up.
Orion will be used for the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra EVs. GM Investing $6.6B In Orion EV Plant, Third US Battery Cell Factory
I'd believe the first part, but the second is a complete ass-pull fact. We're barely able to guess at production numbers for 3 months from now; three years isn't even educated guesses.
It may be a guess or may be invented. A salesperson has a vested interest in discouraging me from waiting for a model with an unknown ETA and trying to convince me to order an ICE car he can get a commission on sooner...

There are however projections of the maximum number of cars that would be churned out for each model if there is full production and no unforseen QC issues. It is responsible for a manufacturer to stop taking deposits if the best case scenario delivery is too far in the future.
If you keep your vehicles for long times, and considering a new ICE vehicle, you should also consider the long term availability and cost of gasoline. Setting aside the climate aspects, Mother Earth is not making more fossil fuel and we continue to deplete the remaining reserves at a record pace. EVs and renewable electric energy sources may be a more reliable long-term option.
You make some valid points and our family is making the same choice: as of now, no new ICE cars for us.

I won't be overly critical of those that decide otherwise. If @MaybeFutureBuyer chooses to buy an ICE car, the EV he might otherwise have chosen will be sold to someone else. Until the price of EVs go down, the charging infrastructure improves and the manufacturing capacity increases, I'm afraid our society will keep burning dinosaur juice...
As cars become more advanced (EV or ICE), obsolescence will increasing be a problem. Try to fix a transmission on a recently out-of-warranty luxury performance vehicle... The advanced electronics on today's cars are even worse.

Over a year ago, I was debating whether I should reserve a Bolt EUV or an Equinox EV. I decided against the Bolt in part because it was going to be discontinued or replaced soon and I was worried that, a few years later, availability of parts would be an issue (try to get a Spark EV battery today). With the Equinox EV, the technology is more recent, may have bugs when it comes out and the obsolescence concern may be eventually be worse, but since it is newly launched, one can hope that, 8 years from today, parts should be easier to find than for the Bolt. Also, for a mass-market vehicle like the Equinox EV (I'm confident there will eventually be millions on the road), an after-market of parts and service is more likely to develop than with a niche brand.
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