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When is the reveal??

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I am currently waiting for an I4 M50, but it might take forever to get it. Considering the Equinox EV RS if it is available significantly sooner. Performance, price and options will be a factor as well. I just want to know the date of the reveal..
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Early fall is all we’ve heard from GM so far (to my knowledge, anyway). I am also waiting anxiously as the new tax credits have thrown a monkey wrench into the decision making process for sure. I’m hoping the specs on the RS are competitive with the Mustang Mach-E Premium.
I feel like GM is trying to reveal a car every 6 months.

Aug '20 Lyriq
Oct '20 Hummer
Feb '21 Bolt
Jan '22 Silverado
Jul '22 Blazer
Jan '23 ? Equinox
Equinox reveal is supposed to be early fall of ‘22. We’ll see…

Edit: I guess I said that already :LOL:
haha yeah, I'm hoping it is sooner, but preparing myself for January. Really hope it's at the detroit auto show though.

Actually, according to this article, it says that Mary Barra said It'll be revealed Fall '22 like you said.

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